The simplest3 way to
schedule an email reminder


Never Forget To Follow Up

Place in the 'bcc' field. We will follow up then. Exactly 3 days later. Your recipients see no trace of your reminder (other than your uncanny followup timing).


Clear Out Your Inbox

Forward your pending emails to—the exact moment you can actually do something about them. Out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your empty inbox and get something done...other than email.


Shorten Your To-Do List

Send a boarding pass to yourself right before your flight. Schedule meeting notes to arrive just before the meeting. It's like having your own personal assistant. Your future self will thank you.


@followupthen is an amazing reminder application.
The genius is in its simplicity.



The minimalist productivity manifesto

It's easy to get lost in tools, systems and methodologies that are supposed to make us more productive. But the more we think about them, organize them and optimize them, the less we focus on what are actually trying to accomplish. We believe a productivity tool should be as simple as possible. It should get out of your way. It should come to mind when you need it, and allow you to forget about it when you do not. FollowUpThen is a simple tool that helps with a simple need: getting the right information at the right time.

Yes, it's "just" an email address


Any Device

Phone, tablet, desktop, laptop.
Any email client, anywhere


Nothing to Install

No downloads. No apps. It's
as easy as sending an email.


It Just Works

You send us an email. We send
it back at the right time. Easy.

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